Engraved Olive Wood Rustic Natural Shape Chopping Block 20 X 11.8 X 0.8 Inch / Personalized Engraved Monogrammed Cutting Board / Rustic Wedding Gift


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Quite beautiful in appearance and very well made. They have nice weight and feel good in your hand. If you like using wooden cutting boards, you'll love this one.

Olive wood is ideal for food preparation as the natural oil content of olive wood means that it kills bacteria and is therefore more hygienic than other wood or plastic products.

Each piece of wood has a different structure and texture so that each board will look different and be a single object.

-Length: 20 inches
-Width: 11.8 inches
-High: 0.8 Inch

Please note:
-Photo is the exact one that is sent
-Measurements are approximate as the wood is irregular.

Care instructions
Rub your olive wood product with olive, peanut or sunflower oil once a month. Dip a paper towel into the oil and gently rub, using a circular motion, over the surface of the wood. Work the oil into the sides, top and bottom of the olive wood.

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